Access From Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

TripTracker is PC/Windows based software. This means you own the software and have complete control over YOUR data. We do offer several options to give you and your customers the same features as “web or cloud” based systems, the flexibility to access TripTracker from ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANY Device - while YOUR data remains secure on YOUR computer.



 Web Reservations: Whether you have a website or not, TripTracker creates a Web Reservation page that is easy for your customers to navigate and once submitted allow you to review before accepting. Once the New Reservation is accepted, it streams into TripTracker – no need for retyping!


Web Reservation App. – We have developed an Mobile app that TripTracker users can give to their clients. This app links to a Mobile webpage for Reservations and just as with the Web Reservation page, the data flows into your TripTracker Reservation system.


Remote Concierge:: Remote access service that allows other users such as Drivers, Hotel concierge, a satellite offi ce, travel agent, an employee workingfrom home, other limo companies, and your customers to interact directly with your TripTracker software remotely from their own computer.

This innovative service was designed to keep all of your data including your customer list securely on the computer at your office. You have complete management control with security features such as a particular driver can only see just his own assigned trips. Advance time limits can be placed on a particular user adding or changing a reservation.


TripTracker2Go allows you to remotely connect and securely run Trip Tracker from almost anywhere! It's fast & secure. However, the best part is that your sensitive data including your customer list stays safely on YOUR computer.

This fast system works with almost any computer connected to the Internet including mobile laptops using Wi-Fi or WiMAX. Additionally, it's also compatible with most BlackBerry®, iPad®, iPhone®, Android® Phone, Smartphones and Tablets etc. with an inexpensive add on app.

You have the power to view, add, or change reservations right from your mobile device as well utilize any of the powerful features in Trip Tracker.

Driver Mobility: We offer an inexpensive alternative to GPS tracking systems. Our app. allows TripTracker users to track through the Smartphone (java enabled) or Tablets that the drivers have – their locations(start and stop times, speed, direction, etc.).

In addition, when the driver logs into the Mobility App, they can down load their jobs, update their status and close out trips. All these functions link to the TripTracker dispatch system and automatically update the Dispatch Screen. This gives the Dispatch more time to schedule trips and less time keeping track of  drivers (calling them or having the drivers call in to update their status).

Plus directions from the Reservations (TO and FROM) are transferred to the driver for them to use. No need to install additional expensive equipment, or a huge monthly charge.