TripTracker software has a range of functionality that can be scaled to fit your operational needs.

We have three Editions: TripTracker Standard, TripTracker Pro and TripTracker Global Edition. Each Edition can be customized depending on YOUR transportation business needs.



TripTracker Standard: Upgraded from our original Single User program with Standard Features, TripTracker Standard now has the capability to "share" with a second workstation (purchase of workstation license required). Everything a owner/operator needs to start and maintain a growing transportation business. One can also add any Basic or Bonus Integrations for an additional fee.

TripTracker Pro: Is a network capable program with Standard Features, Basic Integrations and Web Reservations. It includes one user license and more can be added for a fee. Also, any Bonus Integration can be added with an additional cost.

TripTracker Global: Has everything! Standard Features, Basic and Bonus Integrations and 5 workstation licenses.

The software editions that we offer have three components: Standard Features, Basic Integrations and Bonus Integrations

Standard Features


  • Reservations     
  • Dispatching     
  • Invoicing     
  • Customer Profiles
  • Passenger Profiles
  • Driver Profiles
  • Affiliate Profiles
  • Farm In/Farm out
  • Vehicle Scheduling
  • Auto rate pricing by rate and zone
  • Automated Mapping & Directions
  • Email Confirmation, Invoice, & Receipt
  • Email Marketing
  • Vehicle Maintenance Scheduling
  • Customer & Passenger Lists
And much, much more.                                 
Basic: (Included in Pro: Can be added to Standard)
  • Credit Card Processing*
  • QuickBooks
  • Excel Import/Export
  • Flightview*
  • ADP Payroll


  • Web Reservations
  • Remote Concierge (multi-user remote access)
  • Driver Mobility (tracking/directions/dispatching
  • Ground Rez (GDS), TranspoNet, GroundSpan*
  • And more

*Third Party suppliers require separate charge for their products or services.