TripTracker software makes it easy to manage, schedule, and dispatch your vehicles and drivers.


  • Color Coded Dispatch Screen
  • "Drag 'n Drop Vehicle Scheduling Screen
  • "Drag 'n Drop" Driver Availability Screen
  • Import large group manifests from Excel spreadsheet
  • GPS Tracking/Mobile Dispatching


Dispatch Screen

Each reservation can be color-coded based on its status such as At Pickup, Passenger in Vehicle, done, etc. Dispatch screen is designed to effectively manage your vehicles with a "quick" glance. Conveniently track problems "no show" and cancellations. You can also Add a Reservations, run reports and check availability right from the Dispatch Screen.

Customize your dispatch screen to display what is important to your transportation business - by date, by vehicle, by driver and more.





"Drag 'n Drop" Vehicle Scheduling Screen

Plan your schedule in minutes, not hours. Maximize use of your vehicles - Screen shows Pickup and Drop offs so that you can schedule next job based on previous ending location.




Drag n' Drop Driver Availablity Screen

As with the Vehicle Availability screen you can schedule your drivers in minutes, not hours. Maximize use of your drivers -  shows Pickup and Drop offs so that you can schedule next job based on previous ending location.



Excel Integration


Add existing customer data and upload passenger lists from your customers into TripTracker.



Integration with FlightView®

Get the real time arrival times for airport pickups and verify proper flight information. Red warning status bar will automatically be displayed on Dispatch Screen if you subscribe to FlightView®showing if he flight is early or late. no more sending out vehicles for late or delayed flights.

Driver Mobility (tracking/directions/dispatching)

Integration with a Java application allows instant contact with your Drivers via their android cell phones and Tablets (Java enabled). GPS Tracking gives you up to date location information, stop and start times and directions. Directions for To and From destinations. 

Mobile Dispatching will allow a Driver to log-in, receive his trip list, update his status and close out trips. All this information will appear on the Dispatch Screen. No longer will Drivers or Dispatcher have to call-in with status updates - giving the Dispatcher more time to manage Reservations.